Cosmetic Insurance

Maintain your car's showroom shine with Cosmetic Insurance

What is Cosmetic Insurance?

Damaged paintwork can spoil the look of a new car and runs the risk that you may incur penalty payments when you return your vehicle at the end of its lease, that’s where Cosmetic Insurance comes in.

We’ve partnered with MotorEasy to help you cover the cost of repairs to scratches, scuffs and other car bodywork damage.

For a modest monthly premium of around £8 per month, MotorEasy will cover the cost of repairs whether you caused the damage or were an innocent bystander.

It avoids the need to claim through your main motor insurer, incurring their expensive “excess” fees and risking an increase to your annual premium. What’s more, it helps preserve your no claims bonus.

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Why buy Cosmetic Insurance?

With MotorEasy’s Cosmetic Insurance you can claim up to six
times a year for repairs to scratches, dents and other minor damage
up to 30 centimetres in length across multiple panels.

What does Cosmetic Insurance Cover?

Why we recommend MotorEasy Cosmetic Insurance:

  • Covers most cars up to 5 years and 60,000 miles
  • Pays for repairs up to 30cm in length across multiple panels
  • Up to 6 cosmetic repair claims per year
  • Affordable monthly premiums - usually less than £8 per month
  • Keep your no claims bonus intact

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While insurance companies will cover scratch and dent repairs, their excess fees are often equivalent to the cost of a repair. What’s more when you claim through your main insurer, you might lose your no claims bonus and you could see future insurance premiums increase.

Cosmetic insurance is designed to provide a more cost-effective way to cover minor damage repairs. For a modest monthly premium you can avoid “excess fees” through your main insurer, preserving your no claims bonus and reducing the risk that future premiums will increase.

Whether you caused the damage or were an innocent bystander, cosmetic repair insurance will cover the cost of repairs. Depending on the type of car you own, it typically cost around £7 to 8 per month. If you take out a longer period of cover, say three years rather than one, the monthly cost of your premium will likely decrease.